Switched - Amanda Hocking This novel was definitely an interesting read. It's one of a very few number of books I sat down and read within a single sitting. It has a "Princess Diaries"-esque feel to it, with Wendy, the protagonist, entering a monarchistic new lifestyle based on desperation on the part of the one seeking her out. I enjoyed the fact that Wendy's familial interactions didn't change with her status change. She still had an absent (well, dead) father, a distant mother, and a "brother" who cared for her and tried to make life easier. Also, the recreation of the troll legend was brilliant, in general. I love when writers humanize mythical/horror creatures other than the media popular vampires, werewolves, and zombies.

One of the aspects of the book I can appreciate most is the personality depth to each character. Hocking hints at a three dimensional storyline for each, instead of shoving random characters at us to appease the storyline of the protagonist. There also is no "good" character and "bad" character, but characters with good and bad tendencies and parts of their personality. For example, Kim, Matt's mother and (spoiler alert) Rhys' mother, can be condemned for her treatment of Wendy, but can also be understood for her despair in knowing her child was a boy and not feeling any connection to Wendy at all. Wendy's real mother can be condemned for her coldness and authoritative manner in dealing with Wendy, but also can be understood given her history in making bad choices with men, and in the fact that she is trying to preserve her people's history through her daughter.

The book flows well in terms of plot line, though I did find the descriptions of Wendy's physical interactions with Finn to be a little over-exaggerated and unneeded sometimes. Other than that, fantastic novel, excellent cliff-hanger ending, and I cannot wait for the second installment next year. I will definitely be reading it.