Captured - Julia Rachel Barrett This short novel classifies itself as "erotic romance", though personally I thought it leaned more toward the romance side than anything. That's not a criticism, but more a praise on the author's part for keeping the story in focus, and maintaining the idea of a nonphysical connection between Mari and Ekkatt over a sexual one. Everything moved a bit too fast for my liking, but then again, I'm used to 800 page novels or five-part book series where each book is at least 500 pages. I definitely felt the connection and understanding between Mari and Ekkatt, though I still feel that Ekkatt changed his mind about her a little too fast.

However, despite that small little aspect, I loved the book. I normally do not "do" romance in the least bit, but this was very raw and real (as raw and real as it gets in terms of sci-fi, anyway), and Ms. Barrett definitely provides her readers with a connection and a sympathy for both characters. You're definitely going to be rooting for them in the end.